FC103 3

Biến Tân Danfoss VLT Refrigeration Drive FC103

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Biến tần Danfoss/ Bien tan Danfoss The VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC103 được thiết kế chuyên dụng trong ngành lạnh có dãy công suất từ 1.1KW-600KW. Có nhiều cấp bảo vệ và mạch được phủ keo bảo vệ, phù hợp cho môi trường lạnh với các ứng dụng: bơm, quạt và đặc biệt tương thích với các loại máy nén Piton, Trục vít.. các chương trình cài đặt được kết nối đồng bộ với bộ điều khiển nhiệt độ của Danfoss.
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FC103 3

VLT Refrigeration Drive FC103

Features and benefits

No EMC concerns

General purpose I/O (MCB 101)
3 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs,
1 analogue current output,
2 analogue voltage inputs

A wide range of VLT® Refrigeration FC 103 options are available mounted and tested from the factory or as plug-and-play options for update.
Relay outputs (MCB 105)
3 relay outputs

Analogue I/O (MCB 109)
3 Pt1000/Ni1000 inputs,
3 analogue voltage outputs
Buffer for Real Time Clock

External 24 VDC supply (MCB 107)
24 VDC external supply can be connected to supply control- and option cards.

Advanced harmonic filters: For critical demands on harmonic distortion.
dU/dt filters: For special demands on motor isolation protection.

Sine wave filters (LC filters)
For noiseless motor or special demands on motor isolation protection.

PC software tools 
Motion Control Tool MCT 10: Ideal for commissioning and servicing the drive.

Integrated DC link harmonic filters
Standard feature in the drive that enables low harmonic load on the network within EN 61000-3-12 limits.

Integrated EMC filters
Eliminates the need for external filters. The selected filter class will be included in the drive.

• Compressor features

PO optimization
Supports the ADAP-KOOL P0 Optimisation feature, which enables automatic adaptation of the suction pressure to match the system’s actual load optimally.

Injection on/off
Control of injection valves for start with reduced load.

Discharge temperature monitor
Monitors the discharge temperatures and prevents that they reach dangerous levels.

Pack controller
Operates one compressor with variable speed. Additional compressors are turned on/off based on the load situation.

Neutral zone controller
Enables handling of asymmetrical zones.

Thermostat/Pressostat function
Performs compressor start/stop when running in closed loop, based on pressure and temperature feedback.

• Pump features

Dry pump protection & end of curve
Constantly evaluates the condition of the pump (e.g. breaks and leakage) and reacts as desired.

Flow compensation
Compensates for negative effects which can arise when the pressure sensor is located close to the pump or fan.

Pressure-to-flow conversion
The drives converts the signal from the pressure transmitter to the flow value.

• Fan features

Broken belt detection
Stops the motor automatically when a broken belt is detected.

Operate induction motors in parallel
Use one drdive to control several motors in parallel .
For setting up the drive in the most efficient and logical way, the text and language used make complete sense to refrigeration engineers and installers.

Easy setup with wizard
The built-in “Wizard set-up menu” guides users through the setup of the drive in a clear and structured manner and supports following functionalities:

– Multi compressor control
– Multi condenser and evaporator fan
– Multi condenser and evaporator pumps

Power Range 
3 x 200 – 240 V…….. 1.1 – 45 kW
3 x 380 – 480 V………1.1 – 315 kW
3 x 525 – 600 V ……. 1.1 – 90 kW

With 110% overload torque.

•Built for harsh environments

Protection classes 
IP 20 (NEMA 1)…… 1.1 – 90 kW
IP 21 (NEMA 1)…….1.1 – 315 kW
IP 54 (NEMA 12) …..110 – 315 kW
IP 55 (NEMA 12)….. 1.1 – 90 kW
IP 66 (NEMA 4X)….. 1.1 – 90 kW

Maximum ambient temperature 
50˚ C without derating.

Coated electronics 
Improved reliability in corrosive and aggressive environments due to protection class 3C2 (EN 60721-3-3) as standard or optionally 3C3.

• Software features

Automatic Energy Optimization 
The standard feature AEO provides optimized motor magnetization at all speeds and loads. This increases energy efficiency by 5-15% for partial loads.

LON for AKD, Modbus RTU. Enables fast and simple connections to overall controller.

Sleep mode 
The drive detects when the load is too low and stops the motor. The load can e.g. be air flow or water pressure.

Day/night control
In day/night control mode the application runs normally during the day, while running with an increased set-point during night time